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Supreme Sundays:
Every Sunday is a big day for the Golden Hat Bingo players, as it hosts an electric winning night full of Free Bingo, trivia mayhem and a sensational schedule! “Monty’s Mates” is the exclusive pattern bingo room to play this alluring games. Be there in the Month’s Mates room before the game starts and get your free tickets done. 7PM is the perfect time to start the gaming activity. The winning tip in this game is like, the more tickets you have the more is the chance to win.

This is not only the way to get your tickets, there are other two ways to win the tickets. Win one ticket to each free game when you deposit and stake £10 between the previous week’s Friday to Thursday. Along with this, you can also win an extra ticket for every £10 you stake after the specified days for each game.

Monday Night Madness:
Join the Golden Hat Bingo on Monday Night Madness and get thrilled winning all the special prizes. Tony to host the £80 Bingo Tournament and literally giving away a lot of prizes for the players. You can use the chance to win a choice of special prizes, including DAB radios, HD DVD players, MP3 Players and more! Along with some big prize chat games worth up to £10!

Scoring more points by winning the games, will make you the best bingo player. Three players who score more points to share a mega £80 prize. Every line you win will give you 1 point and all the tournament games are classified from Round 1 through to Round 10. Even you can collect free tickets to three rounds of the tournament when you deposit and stake £10 the week before! Don’t miss the bingo playing excitement, especially when there is a chance to get some free tickets!

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